10 Reasons to visit Valencia.

The third one is: the Cathedral.

The church in the heart of the historic city centre has a complex history, for it started as a Roman temple, was rebuilt into a Visigothic cathedral, then was converted by the Moors into the Mosque of Balansiya, and was finally reconstructed into the Cathedral that we see today. This explains its eclectic style with a Gothic fundament and a Moorish bell tower amongst other elements. But it is not only its architecture that makes it attractive: on a small altar, you can find the almost peculiarly small Holy Grail that is said to have been used by Jesus Christ for drinking wine with his disciples during the Last Supper. It has been defended with a certainty of 95% to be the true Holy Grail. The cathedral also holds two important paintings by Francisco de Goya that depict scenes from the life of Saint Francis Borgia.

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