Settle down!

ErasmuSpain offers 3 types of accommodation in Valencia and Madrid:
  • Shared apartment
  • Spanish host family
  • Studio apartment

Based upon your wishes we will find an appropiate place for you to stay. In case of doing an internship, we will find you an apartment nearby the company. Prices of accomodation will depend on the size, comfortablity and which of the 3 options you choose from.

Shared apartment, the most common option is sharing an apartment with other international students. Very often ‘flatmates’ build good relations with each other and it is often the cheapest option because you and your flatmates are sharing the bills.

Spanish host family, if you choose to stay at a host family we will make sure you feel welcome and comfortable. A big plus is that you will learn Spanish really fast by practicing the language with the host family.

Studio apartment, do you prefer your own space? Your own private studio is also an option. In this case you have your own apartment, including a bathroom, kitchen and small living room.

If you have any special wishes or questions about the accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here!