The Bioparc Valencia is a new-generation style of zoo created from the concept of a zoo immersion exhibit where visitors are completely submerged into the natural habitats of the animals. This creates a more intimate way of getting to know animals’ behavioral habits and surroundings. The enclosures include various amounts of species and allows visitors to make the most out of this real life experience, usually only appreciated in the wild.

When entering the more than 100,000 m2 park, the visitor feels totally submerged in the wild habitats that have been recreated here: the Savannah, Madagascar and Equatorial Africa. Visitors can enjoy, practically without barriers, spectacular landscapes in which different species co-exist as they would in nature.

Bioparc’s African Savanna: The African savanna section brings together the largest concentration of herbivores on the planet. It has extensive plains as a backdrop and is linked by the passing of two zones: the dry zone and the humid zone.

Bioparc’s Rainforest: The primary, rainy African rainforests, which lie on the equator, are home to copious amounts of ecosystems and habitats. This section of the park allows you to see the contrast between life amongst the high treetops and the hustle and bustle of the rainforest floor.

Bioparc’s African Wetlands: The Kitum Cave: Kitum Cave is a replication of the formation found in Kenya. The natural African wonder is made up of pyroclastic and volvanic rock that has over time began to produce mineral salts. Uganda, known for its Kyoga wetlands, unites the great two lakes of Victoria and Alberto to the Nile; a river infested with crocodiles, hippopotamus’ and cichlid fish.

Bioparc’s Island of Madagascar: The importance of the natural beauty of Madagascar lies in the fauna and flora of this island situated in the Indian Ocean. This isolated island consists of 80% indigenous species, meaning that these animals can only be found in Madagascar.

A visit to the Bioparc Valencia can turn any normal day into a trip through the safari or wild desert trip. Its exhibitions will leave you breathless in the face of natural beauty and have you appreciating the wild animals that habitat our planet. Enjoy this unique experience that constantly changes and adapts from day to day and between season to season.

Bioparc Valencia is boundless nature within the city of Valencia, a place to enjoy, discover, understand and appreciate the wild world.

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