The Fiesta Nacional de España is the national day of Spain. It’s held annually on October 12 and a national public holiday in Spain. It celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first arrival in the Americas in 1492. His arrivel or a related event is celebrated on this day in Spain and almost whole Latin America.
Fiesta Nacional de España is also known as Día de la Hispanidad. In every region in Spain, the festival is celebrated differently. In the capital Madrid this happens the most extravagant. During the celebration, there are organized bullfights, the raising of the Spanish flag and there are many great parades. The biggest parade perhaps is the military parade. The meaning behind this parade is to show the power to the king and the prime minister.

One of the other cities that celebrates this day big is Zaragoza. Even as Madrid, there are many parades and celebrations where thousands of people come to visit. At Fiesta Nacional de España, most businesses and organizations are closed and many people are free. Usually the Spanish people spend their day quietly with family or friends.

In Valencia shops, offices and government buildings are closed on this day. Only some bakeries and supermarkets will be open. Yet, you can still enjoy yourself in Valencia. Most attractions (including the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias) will be open as usual. Public transport runs on this day but on a reduced schedule. In the Valencian region they celebrate on October 9 ”The day of the Valencian community” so many people take a mid-week off to spend with their family or have a short vacation.

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