Valencia is a city on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain. Beforehand, I didn’t expect to go there for an internship, but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to spend 5 months in this great place.

It really is an amazing city, which has everything. Culture, tradition, history, modern architecture and so I can go on and on. There is also a drained river: “Turia”. So there is an extensive green belt. In this garden you can do a lot of activities, especially sports.

Another important thing are the 3 wide sandy beaches, Playa Las Arenas, Playa Malvarossa and Playa Patacona. Along these beaches there is a nice boulevard with plenty of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the famous Mediterranean cuisine. The sun shines about 300 days per year. Therefore it hasn’t been below 15 degrees during my internship period. I think these are ideal conditions for a student!

The city is easily accessible. Valencia Airport is very near the city and it takes a 25 minutes’ drive to go to the city center. In the city itself it is easy and cheap to travel by public transport. There is a metro which can take you everywhere, but also a lot of different bus lines.

Not unimportant for students, Valencia also has an extensive nightlife with many different clubs and bars to go for a drink or to dance. In May, when the season starts, two prestigious outdoor clubs opening their doors: L’Umbracle and Marina Beach Club. They are both really worth visiting.Drinks and food are quite cheap anyway if I compare these prices to the Netherlands. At some places you only pay €1,50 for a big pint and then you are on the famous Plaza de la Reina in the middle of Valencia!! It’s also possible to have a daily menu, with 3 courses, for 12 or 13 euros at most restaurants in town. Ninots2e

The city is also famous for its Paella and traditional celebrations as Las Fallas and Semana Santa. Spanish people in general are very proud on their traditions. Every year, in March, Las Fallas starts. For three weeks, the whole city is dominated by events for the Fallas. Everyone is celebrating it and especially in the last week it is full of madness with parades, a lot of fireworks, traditional clothing and ofcourse La Crema. This is the last day of the Fallas. All of the statues, build by Valencian people, will be burned and there is firework everywhere… Really beautiful to experience this famous tradition.

The environment of the city is also very nice. In Albufera, a natural parc with the biggest lake of Spain, you can eat the best paella of the whole country. You can see enormous ricefields which reveals that paella is coming from this area in Spain. Also, a lot of excursions are organized for Erasmus students. In this way, you can visit other places in the Valencian region or Spain such as Ibiza, Barcelona or Seville.IMG_6697

Two historic villages which are really worth to visit are Sagunto and Xativa. These two villages have some old castles and ruins and you will have a spectacular view.  If you prefer sun, sea and a beach it is nice to rent a car and drive 120 kilometers to the south to Javea. This village is famous for the plenty of nice beaches, residential areas and the coastal route which has about 10 amazing viewpoints. If it is really bright weather, it is possible to see Ibiza. One of the beaches, Cala Granadella, was voted for the most beautiful beach of Spain.

In short: there is something to do for everyone. As well as in the city as in the region. I recommend everyone to do an internship in Valencia. When you think of Spain, you think immediately of Barcelona, Madrid or the Canary Islands…. but Valencia is 3th biggest city of Spain where you don’t have to bother yourself any second!!


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