Aprender español

Did you know that in 2017 Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese?

About 414 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue.

It’s a simple language and the best way to know something more is of course studying it.

For those who have never studied Spanish like me, here are my tips:

-Listen to artists who resume their songs in Spanish; this is because if you know the lyrics in english by memory, even if the translation is not literally done, the meaning of the lyrics is the same so understand them It will be easy already after the third time you listen to the songs.

-Do you have a favorite movie about which you know all the memo tracks? Watch it on the internet with Spanish subtitles and after seeing it a couple of times about it in Spanish, if you have been careful about the subtitles it will be much easier to understand what the actors say.

-On youtube you will find videos of conversations where you can learn the simplest things kind of different greetings, how to ask for information, how to present, colors, numbers to real dialogues.

-When you’re in Spain, put off your cell phone in, ask for information, interact with people around you, talk as much as possible. The Spaniards are courteous people, they try to understand what you are asking for and will very slowly answer you.

-Make your personal notebook. A small agenda with a pen and each time you hear a new word writes in and then look for translation. You will read them again and again and use the words in sentences.

-If there is anyone in the group who knows how to speak Spanish, you are in the city and is about to ask for information, listen carefully for the first time, the second time instead you try to ask for information in the same way. Make your own phrases.

I’m sure the only way to truly learn a language is to stay in place, work on the spot. It will become so automatic that you will not even notice it.

The Spanish’s cordiality amongst other things will be your strong point.

It will be a walk, you will see, the first week will be the toughest but after a while this place will look like your home and you will not want to leave.

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