Let us find the internship that matches you perfectly

Our mission is to find a suitable internship that best meets your needs and that it will be an beautiful experience you always will remember. Internships are available in almost any business sector. Let us know what your personal wishes are. English speaking internships are also an option if you don’t speak any Spanish and aren’t planning to follow a Spanish course beforehand. Together we will try to find the perfect matching internship for you.

We operate in the following 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Registration
First you send us all the required information. This includes your contact details and desired internship (whether or not with accommodation, etc.)
After you applied we will ask for all the required information via email. You can apply here 

Step 2: Finding your internship
When we received all your information, we will find an internship for you. Be sure to let us know what your needs and wishes are! Once we have found a company, we will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information. At this point companies often want to ask you some questions or discuss some things with you via Skype or e-mail. When a matching internship has been found for you, we will help you with setting up and signing the internship contract and make sure everything is fine.

Step 3: Closing
Once the paperwork has been finished we are going to prepare you as good as possible for your internship abroad. Of course we will continue to give you advice and help you during the period of your intership, even afterwards. When your payment is submitted we will send you a signed internship contract. Now you are ready to go! We hope you have a great time during this big adventure. 🙂

Beneath you will find more information about some examples of sectors or positions where internships are possible in.
Every example contains detailed information about needed skills, what you will accomplish, which tasks you will maintain and which experience you will acquire. Let us know what kind of internship suits you the most.

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