The education is not only a matter of class or school, but belongs to whole life and different situations, moving from books and theories to a society where the acquired knowledge is put into practice and faces real challenges has become indispensable. The trainee-ship is an important part of student education and creates a smooth transition to the labor market.

Working for a company is often an eye-opening experience and it is almost impossible to fully understand the facts of the chosen job without a single work experience. It’s a great way to make sure you really want to work in the chosen sector before you bind yourself permanently by the contract and also the best way to create new friendships and contacts in the industry. In addition, the internship will not only strengthen your personal skills but also give you a new perspective to move forward in the future.

Why Valencia?

There are many reasons why you should spend your internship in Valencia. This place, situated in Spain has become very popular for working abroad in Europe, thanks to great food, unique culture and wonderful weather. Also Spanish is becoming more and more important in the world of trade. Valencia is one of the most visited cities in Spain, you will find beautiful architecture, rich history and, at the same time, the best weather that Europe can offer you. It is also a thriving place of business and manufacturing companies and a well-established tourism industry. Valencia offers a unique opportunity to spend a foreign internship in the Mediterranean.

Valencia is a lively and beautiful city full of history. While passing the streets of the city you will discover authentic paella, amazing shops and restaurants. To stay fit and active, there are many sports areas and cycling, cross-country trails, for example, in the beautiful Turia Garden, those who love culture can explore the cathedral, the Museu de Belle Arts of Valencia and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Students studying abroad gain valuable experiences that can not match home. Cultural inclusion is an essential aspect of study abroad and provides a basic understanding of business practices along with various cultural norms and values. You will adapt the culture of the country you travel to, and you will also get used to the different working environments in your new job. However, an international internship is not just about working. By living in a new country, you will have the opportunity to develop your language skills in the best possible environment, where the language is spoken by inhabitants, and where you will be forced to speak their language too. There is no better way to learn the language and you will find out that your knowledge is developing very quickly, what you might not have expected. It’s not because of an internship, but because of the country where you spend your time-working and living with local people.


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