August end marks the beginning of the very famous annual Spanish festival, La Tomatina .Held in the Valencian town of Buñol, the colourful and messy festival involves participants throwing thousands and thousands of over-ripe tomatoes at each other.

The normal population of 9,000 quite nearly quadruples for what is essentially a full-out tomato war that literally paints the town red. It’s every man for himself as 125,000 kilograms of ripe tomatoes are flung, slung and hurled through the air for two straight hours. The tradition began in 1945, perhaps the result of a restaurant food fight in which the locals got a bit carried away. Realizing how much fun it was, the event was repeated the following year… and the year after that… and the year after that… until it evolved into the phenomenon it is today.

It´s worth it, at least once in the life, the environment, the people and the party create a unique experience. It is advisable to go with bathing suit or old clothes, shoes or footwear that does not slip and desire to get dirty and have fun.

La Tomatina harms no animals, and is pure and unadulterated filthy fun. There are few rules, of course: the fruity fight last for an hour, tomatoes must be squashed before throwing and no other items must be flung.

Yup, La Tomatina is a festival that leads up to the worlds largest state-sanctioned food fight. Every year, approximately 40,000 tomato enthusiasts descend on the tiny Mediterranean town of Buñol to pelt each other with tomatoes. Come and enjoy it yourself!

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