Hidden among mountains, in a spectacular spot is Montanejos. It belongs to the Valencian Community and is located in the interior of the province of Castellón. It is a Thermal Villa with typical Mediterranean vegetation located 90 km from Valencia.

La Fuente de los Baños is one of the main tourist attractions, its waters flow in a defile of the river Mijares to a constant temperature of 25°, with hydrogeochemical and biological characteristics beneficial for your health, that allow you to bathe even in the winter time.

The outdoor sports activities are numerous offering interesting itineraries and excursions for hiking, cycling, climbing (there are many and good roads, most well equipped), canoeing, etc. Especially highlighting the path of ruta del Sendero de los Estrechos o del Sendero de La Bojera, Cueva Negra or el Barranco de la Maimona and especially el Camino del Cid, as well as cultural visits to monuments and churches in the area.

Gastronomy: Especially typical of this province is la olla, which has many varieties. El jamón, los embutidos and los guisos are protagonists in the vast majority of cuisines. Also known are the traditional tombets, made with meat and accompanied by mountain snails, mushrooms (abundant in the pine forests) and vegetables.

Celebrations in Montanejos: Throughout the year in Montanejos, several festivities are celebrated. Here we will detail some of them: San Antonio (the night of January 16), La Romeriá (May 1st), Fiesta Patronal (25 of July), Fiestas Mayores (they are celebrated during the first week of September).

Montanejos and the Baths of Abu Zayd legend: The last Moorish king, Abu Zeit, took refuge in Montanejos where he built some baths for his favorites, among them Queen Zucaina, so that they never lost grace and beauty.

You can enjoy nature by doing adventure sports, bathe in a river of crystal clear waters, enjoy the various traditional festivals, cultural, leisure and sports activities that take place throughout the year, and of course, its gastronomy and its people.

Fuentes de Algar

Fuentes de Algar are in the municipality of Callosa d’en Sarrià, in the province of Alicante, about 23 kilometers from Benidorm and 140 kilometers from Valencia. Fuentes del Algar have been declared Protected Wetlands by the Valencian Government in September 2002.

The Fuentes del Algar is a park where nature and water are the main attractions. The area represents a protected natural area where the ecological richness of the region is preserved and where to enjoy the tranquility of nature. It is a kind of “water park” theme park around the river Algar, where natural areas are combined with tourist services (restaurants, swimming pools, snack bars, parking, tourist office, toilets, etc.).

The tour consists of a 1,5 km long circuit along the river bed, where there are bathing areas (spectacular), waterfalls, fountains, an old dam, canals. Throughout the tour you can also observe the karstic landscape that has been created over time on the limestone rock, the main character of this whole landscape. Apart from the waterfalls, in the Natural Reserve we find a rich variety of plants, which includes all kinds of Mediterranean flora, so that in the same place we can visit an arboretum, open to the public.

Las fuentes del Algar, hills and valleys offer a great combination of exercise and tourism. Many visitors choose to take a picnic or take-out lunch. Visitors choose to spend all day long walking through Algar’s fountains, but an alternative idea is to combine the day with a visit to the impressive town of Guadalest. The valley of Guadalest is located a short distance from Algar and has a spectacular fortress built on the mountainside with beautiful views towards the valley of the bay of Altea.

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