After France, Japan, Italy and Germany, Spain is the country that has the most Michelin Stars in the world.

The Spanish cuisine is very popular around the world. It is one of the biggest attractions offered by our country, because we have a wide variety of unique and delicious recipes. This growing interest in our kitchen has made it possible that all over Spain, there are emerged restaurants with an excellent quality, Michelin Star-awarded.

11376-91102In particular, in Spain there are 174 restaurants that have this award. 50 of them are in Catalonia, 20 in the Basque country, 17 in Madrid, 14 in the Valencian community, 13 in Andalusia and 13 in Galicia.

Being able to offer a culinary experience of such a quality, it might be one of the factors motivating to come to our country. According to the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, 15% of the visitors of our country come exclusively to try our food. This is not surprising, because in fact, San Sebastian is the city with the most Michelin Stars per square meter, with 9 in 60 square kilometers.

At ErasmuSpain we are dedicated to the training of professionals in the hospitality industry, so we work closely with the best restaurants where students can do their internship. Among them, we have several collaborations with restaurants which have a Michelin Star in Valencia and Madrid,  but also from other cities.

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