Easter Week in Valencia

Valencia and its maritime district is one of the cities that is celebrating Easter in a very beautiful and especially emotional way. In addition la Semana Santa Marinera de Valencia is a declared holiday of National Tourist Interest that begins on April 7 and ends on April 16, 2017.


On Friday April 7 it is celebrated Viernes de Dolor during, it is the day when the pain of the Virgin is venerated when she sees her son die.

On Sunday April 9, 2017 is celebrated Domingo de Ramos. This Sunday marks the first fundamental moment of Holy Week “la Bendición de Palmas”. It commemorates the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem, where it was received with “branches” of palms and olive tree. The meaning of this celebration is the memory of Jesus’ triumphal entrance to Jerusalem, when people cheered the arrival of the “Master”

Monday 10 April is commemorated el Lunes Santo. The celebration of the last days of Jesus Christ begins. Today, friends offer Jesus a dinner. The table will be the sign of harmony.

Tuesday 11 April is celebrated el Martes Santo. The day of the death of Jesus Christ is approaching, while the different “Hermandades y cofradías of the Maritime Populations arrive, they celebrate different scenes of passion, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 is celebrated el Miércoles Santo which is the day when the Sanedrin, the Jewish religious court, meets to condemn Jesus. It is the first day of mourning for the church and it is celebrated with numerous acts in the Maritime Villages.

On Thursday, April 13 is commemorated el Jueves Santo. This day commemorates the institution of the Eucharist at the Última Cena and feet washing performed by Jesus.

But certaintly the greatest act of Semana Santa Marinera en Valencia is la Procesión del Santo Entierro on el Viernes Santo (14 de abril) and is an act steeped in silence and solemn contemplation.

On Saturday, April 15, is commemorated el Sábado Santo while in the churches they are celebrating Vigilia Pascual. 

On Sunday, April 16, is commemorated el Domingo de Resurrección. It is one of the great days of Semana Santa Marinera: they launch fireworks and water from the balconies, that announce the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a joyful day when the Maritime Population are changing the black color with the white one which emphasize the essentiality of the Mediterrranean sea. There is also the Resurrection Parade.

On Sunday and Easter Monday, the custom is for families to go down to the old riverbed to enjoy typical produce such as the delicacies known as monas (typical Easter pies with hard-boiled eggs). Easter Sunday is also the day of the traditional ceremony of the Meeting of Christ with his Mother, a moment marked by the release of doves and showers of flower petals.

The passion and enthusiasm of the citizens expressed in processions, representations and other religious acts have made these celebrations very attractive and has contributed to the declaration of Fiesta of Tourist Interest.

Top 3 Reasons to Love Spain

1-We have the best beaches

I bet that you´ve always daydreamed, especially on the summer, of going to those awesome beaches that you saw in movies and just keep thinking.

“Man I would kill to go there, if only I knew where they are or get a shot to visit them…I would, no doubt!”

Well, brave student, you don´t have to dream anymore because here they are and just one click away. You have the opportunity to get lost in the mythical sand, right after a swim in the beautiful blue water and you can even take a “siesta” while you´re doing it!


barce by night2
CC by Moyan_Brenn, Flickr



2- La Fiesta

I shouldn´t even have to explain to you this one, because the moment you listen to the word Spain you immediately think of party and well… you´re absolutely right!

Internationally known for its party culture, Spain has the best’s discos, festivals and holidays to celebrate and enjoy with the thousands of friends that you will be making here. Not to mention of course, that this is always a perfect way to escape the dungeon´s of routine.

So basically, come to Spain and you´ll never get bored!

3- International Communitydiver2

Even though not every Spanish student speaks perfectly English but they can understand it well and they usually make it up for their kindness and sympathy.

Not to mention the millions of foreign students that you will find whether be in Valencia or in Madrid, going throw the same life changing experience as you, with so many unbelievable stories to share, always eager to party and learn new things about different cultures…sometimes it´s not even the Spanish culture!

To give you an example, just yesterday I found out something CRUCIAL about Erasmus that I will reveal to you this next week`s post, simply by chatting with my new Dutch colleague about his country.

Erasmus in an unexplainably rich experience that you can never fully understand until you have done it.

It`s more than party, it`s a lifestyle.

Experiences of an Erasmus student in Valencia

Valencia is a city on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain. Beforehand, I didn’t expect to go there for an internship, but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to spend 5 months in this great place.

It really is an amazing city, which has everything. Culture, tradition, history, modern architecture and so I can go on and on. There is also a drained river: “Turia”. So there is an extensive green belt. In this garden you can do a lot of activities, especially sports.

Another important thing are the 3 wide sandy beaches, Playa Las Arenas, Playa Malvarossa and Playa Patacona. Along these beaches there is a nice boulevard with plenty of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the famous Mediterranean cuisine. The sun shines about 300 days per year. Therefore it hasn’t been below 15 degrees during my internship period. I think these are ideal conditions for a student!

The city is easily accessible. Valencia Airport is very near the city and it takes a 25 minutes’ drive to go to the city center. In the city itself it is easy and cheap to travel by public transport. There is a metro which can take you everywhere, but also a lot of different bus lines.

Not unimportant for students, Valencia also has an extensive nightlife with many different clubs and bars to go for a drink or to dance. In May, when the season starts, two prestigious outdoor clubs opening their doors: L’Umbracle and Marina Beach Club. They are both really worth visiting.Drinks and food are quite cheap anyway if I compare these prices to the Netherlands. At some places you only pay €1,50 for a big pint and then you are on the famous Plaza de la Reina in the middle of Valencia!! It’s also possible to have a daily menu, with 3 courses, for 12 or 13 euros at most restaurants in town. Ninots2e

The city is also famous for its Paella and traditional celebrations as Las Fallas and Semana Santa. Spanish people in general are very proud on their traditions. Every year, in March, Las Fallas starts. For three weeks, the whole city is dominated by events for the Fallas. Everyone is celebrating it and especially in the last week it is full of madness with parades, a lot of fireworks, traditional clothing and ofcourse La Crema. This is the last day of the Fallas. All of the statues, build by Valencian people, will be burned and there is firework everywhere… Really beautiful to experience this famous tradition.

The environment of the city is also very nice. In Albufera, a natural parc with the biggest lake of Spain, you can eat the best paella of the whole country. You can see enormous ricefields which reveals that paella is coming from this area in Spain. Also, a lot of excursions are organized for Erasmus students. In this way, you can visit other places in the Valencian region or Spain such as Ibiza, Barcelona or Seville.IMG_6697

Two historic villages which are really worth to visit are Sagunto and Xativa. These two villages have some old castles and ruins and you will have a spectacular view.  If you prefer sun, sea and a beach it is nice to rent a car and drive 120 kilometers to the south to Javea. This village is famous for the plenty of nice beaches, residential areas and the coastal route which has about 10 amazing viewpoints. If it is really bright weather, it is possible to see Ibiza. One of the beaches, Cala Granadella, was voted for the most beautiful beach of Spain.

In short: there is something to do for everyone. As well as in the city as in the region. I recommend everyone to do an internship in Valencia. When you think of Spain, you think immediately of Barcelona, Madrid or the Canary Islands…. but Valencia is 3th biggest city of Spain where you don’t have to bother yourself any second!!


The importance of a good internship

There is no doubt, “Practice makes you more perfect”

At ErasmuSpain, we believe that besides a good theoretical training, it is of vital importance to have a practical development to become a good professional.

Almost all of the European institutions are requiring their students to do an internship to develop themselves in a real work environment. Because of our collaboration with the hospitality-, tourism- and cooking school: CSHM, we are specialized in placements in these industries. We offer internships in restaurants and hotels at national and international level, but we also have companies in other sectors like marketing, sales, graphic design, beauty & hair stylists, administration and much more.

Our main goal is, to ensure that all students who pass for the theoretical parts of their education, can have a real training period to learn from first-hand. For example in the kitchen as a chef or as a receptionist in a hotel or as a hairdresser. It is important for your personal development to take responsibility, to acquire knowledge on-site and develop a methodology of work so you will able to make good management in a team but also individually.

In addition, because of our collaborations with a lot of prestigious companies in the regions of Valencia and Madrid, we can guarantee that all of the students will learn from professionals which are leading in their sectors.  restaurant

Among the innumerable advantages it entails, there can be noted that with internships from ErasmuSpain, the student will acquire a remarkable work experience will be reflected in your resume, as well as prestige and professionalism.

Currently, we can boast on the obtained results, the percentage of students who complete their theoretical parts of the education before they are benefiting from our internship possibilities.

Restaurant managers, directors of restaurants, directors of creative cuisines in exotic countries, jury of the most popular competitions, chefs in reference to international level etc. These are all examples of a few of our former students which are nowadays an icon in the hospitality sector.

In short, a good training period goes beyond theory, it should be based on the practice, and with ErasmuSpain you can do it at the best companies!