There is no doubt, “Practice makes you more perfect”

At ErasmuSpain, we believe that besides a good theoretical training, it is of vital importance to have a practical development to become a good professional.

Almost all of the European institutions are requiring their students to do an internship to develop themselves in a real work environment. Because of our collaboration with the hospitality-, tourism- and cooking school: CSHM, we are specialized in placements in these industries. We offer internships in restaurants and hotels at national and international level, but we also have companies in other sectors like marketing, sales, graphic design, beauty & hair stylists, administration and much more.

Our main goal is, to ensure that all students who pass for the theoretical parts of their education, can have a real training period to learn from first-hand. For example in the kitchen as a chef or as a receptionist in a hotel or as a hairdresser. It is important for your personal development to take responsibility, to acquire knowledge on-site and develop a methodology of work so you will able to make good management in a team but also individually.

In addition, because of our collaborations with a lot of prestigious companies in the regions of Valencia and Madrid, we can guarantee that all of the students will learn from professionals which are leading in their sectors.  restaurant

Among the innumerable advantages it entails, there can be noted that with internships from ErasmuSpain, the student will acquire a remarkable work experience will be reflected in your resume, as well as prestige and professionalism.

Currently, we can boast on the obtained results, the percentage of students who complete their theoretical parts of the education before they are benefiting from our internship possibilities.

Restaurant managers, directors of restaurants, directors of creative cuisines in exotic countries, jury of the most popular competitions, chefs in reference to international level etc. These are all examples of a few of our former students which are nowadays an icon in the hospitality sector.

In short, a good training period goes beyond theory, it should be based on the practice, and with ErasmuSpain you can do it at the best companies!

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