The Miguelete Tower is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Valencia. It is known as El Miguelete or Torre del Micalet in Valencian. The construction of the tower begins in 1381 and finishes in 1429.

The Miguelete is one of the most known buildings of the city. It is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Valencia and although not as tall as others, this octagonal prism of Gothic style finished at the beginning of the fifteenth century is known for its 207 steps. A total of 51 meters in height that allow you to have unique views of the entire old center of Valencia.

At the top of this historical and artistic monument, visitors get to enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the city at large. The biggest bell of the tower which weighs more than 10 tons is known as Miguel and this is where the name the El Miguelete came from. Despite the bell tower being Gothic in architecture, the minor Baroque and Romanesque elements that are seen cannot be ignored. The difference in architecture is a result of different architects over different periods of time.

The Miguelete, one of the most representative monuments of Valencia until the construction of the City of Arts and Sciences and the view from this point is wonderful so it’s worth to make this little effort.

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