1-We have the best beaches

I bet that you´ve always daydreamed, especially on the summer, of going to those awesome beaches that you saw in movies and just keep thinking.

“Man I would kill to go there, if only I knew where they are or get a shot to visit them…I would, no doubt!”

Well, brave student, you don´t have to dream anymore because here they are and just one click away. You have the opportunity to get lost in the mythical sand, right after a swim in the beautiful blue water and you can even take a “siesta” while you´re doing it!


barce by night2
CC by Moyan_Brenn, Flickr



2- La Fiesta

I shouldn´t even have to explain to you this one, because the moment you listen to the word Spain you immediately think of party and well… you´re absolutely right!

Internationally known for its party culture, Spain has the best’s discos, festivals and holidays to celebrate and enjoy with the thousands of friends that you will be making here. Not to mention of course, that this is always a perfect way to escape the dungeon´s of routine.

So basically, come to Spain and you´ll never get bored!

3- International Communitydiver2

Even though not every Spanish student speaks perfectly English but they can understand it well and they usually make it up for their kindness and sympathy.

Not to mention the millions of foreign students that you will find whether be in Valencia or in Madrid, going throw the same life changing experience as you, with so many unbelievable stories to share, always eager to party and learn new things about different cultures…sometimes it´s not even the Spanish culture!

To give you an example, just yesterday I found out something CRUCIAL about Erasmus that I will reveal to you this next week`s post, simply by chatting with my new Dutch colleague about his country.

Erasmus in an unexplainably rich experience that you can never fully understand until you have done it.

It`s more than party, it`s a lifestyle.

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