How is it possible to describe Valencia just in one word? It is simply amazing.

With its tourist attractions, its beaches, the hidden alleyes to discover, it seems to be perfect city for young people who wants to find a new experience of studying, working or who just wants to start a new journey.

I have to admit sincererly that, firstly, beeing in Spanish land,could be complicated. It is easy to feel disoriented or alone, but after few days it will be easy to feel like at home. Valencia infact, is the third spanish city, after Madrid and Barcellona, with a surface of 134,65 km² and a number of inhabitants of 790.201.

Extended, dispersive, with different zones and areas which are far from each others but they are combined and they feels the sense of belonginess to a unique city of Spain and of Valencia Community.

Firstly, to have a first approach and starting familiarizing with the city, my best suggestion is to take part into a sightseeing tour on red bus to have a panning shot of the city or rent a bike, pedaling in the 32km of cycle lane along of the monuments of the city.

Surely a long lapse of time, it has to be dedicated to the most important touristic attraction, the city of artes and ciences. I recommend you to visit it by bike, along Turia’s gardens. Bikes can easily rented in one of the authomatic point in the city.

During the past, there was the river, today it is a big wide green space host water fountains, palms, cycle lane, space for children, bars, squares for exercize.

The city of art is a wide architectonical space, as a little real city. It was built by the architech Santiago Calatrava. With its white and gray colours, its curve and sinuous lines, it hosts different buildings that are used for different functions. Don’t hesitate to visit the Hemisferic, which visit is recommended to assist to the projection of a movie in IMAX (above all scientific documentaries or cartoons for children) in a spherical surface of 13. 000 m² and it will be as staying in the movie itself.

Then, if you are interested into scientific phenomena, don’t lose the interactive museum of science Principe Filipe, collocated in a building with a typical form of skeleton.

If you want to have a pleasant night too and if you love disco clubs, you definitly have to go to Umbracle. It’s a boulevard walking with veggetals species, which are typical of Valencia Community by day while it is transformed into a big and dressy club by night, perfect to join the spanish and unique atmosphere of the city of Calatrava.

Other inevitable stop-over is the Oceanographic in Valencia. It’s the biggest European aquarium, which is divided in different open and closed sections (Antartico, Artico, Mediteranneo, Tropical) and it offers a big show with dolphins and the chance to have a romantic dinner among fish and sea animals.

If you are interested in music and theatre, other stop is at Palacio of Art Reina Sofia.

Visited this area, moving to the sea, a walk on the beach is a must, shooting at a beautiful sunset on the Malvarrosa Playa. After a beach day, waiting for eating a Valencian Paella, drink a fresh cocktail at Marina Beach Club ( just people over 21 can go in!)

If you are looking for a crowded, big and long playa to stay with your friends, The Malvarrosa is the perfect one for you. If you are looking for a quiet one, El Saler is better. It has sand dunes, clean water and wind. It is waiting for you!

Other stop is Albufera, a natural park which represents the bigger lake in Spain. I recommend you the boat trip to observe better the nature and be quiet for a reflexive pause.

Moving into the ancient part of the city, i recommend you the panoramical view from Mirador, on Plaza the L’ayuntamento. Without map, let you transport from the real spanish atmosphere, have a walk in the ancient part of the city, in which there are the cathedral, the indoor market.

You must try some local products as a jamón sandwich or other that you like.

There are two other headquarters where to spend a pleasure night immersing themselfes in the spanish atmosphere, in the barrio or Ruzafa quarters.

Ideals places to eat tapas or drink good sangria with friends at economical prices to everybody.

There are lots of alleys to discover with graffitis too. I recommend you to try the typical beverage, it is called Orxata and it is very fresh and refreshing for summer.

Other attractions are Biopark, that let you take the chance to do a safari and feel like in Africa among Lions, zebras and giraffes. If you are interested into culture too, don’t lose the museum of Belles Artes and real gardens. So these are the most important attractions but there are others to discover.

And Valencia is not just a place where to be on holidays but to live it too. The weather is good during the year, for the presence of sea, maybe it is hot in the summer and with a very high tax of humidity. And what saying about the spanish people? They are kind, and they will feel you like at home.

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