Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and Spanish port city on the Mediterranean coast, at the mouth of the Turia River.

It is the capital of the region and the province of Valencia with nearly 800,000 inhabitants. There are one of the best football clubs of Spain FC Valencia. The port of Valencia is the largest on the Mediterranean and the fifth largest in Europe. In case you are coming there for your internship you should know about these facts:

1. Language Valencia is a good place to practise your Spanish, but in some certain places you would hardly understand because people here speak Valenciana.

2. Old town You should definitely visit old town despite of it is a coastal city you should find some time to see the centre. Very popular is Russafa district or Ciutat Vella, the old town. Thanks to the small size of town, everything is close here.

3. Paella Another fact is that the food paella originally comes from Valencia and its inhabitants are really proud of this dish. There are many fantastic places where you can eat this traditional food, or even many cooking courses focused on preparing paella are held in this city.

4. Siesta Afternoon siesta is very important here. While they enjoy having a rest and nap, customers and tourists are looking for a restaurant or opened stores. Some shops and restaurants can be closed from 14:00 to 17:00.

5. Almost no rain This country is very popular, especially because of its sunny weather. The average temperature rarely decrease below 10°C, and 8 hours of sunshine is guaranteed here per day.

6. Friendly prices The city has many things to offer, and if you want to visit some interesting places you would pay for transportation by bus 1.50€, what is really pleasant surprise. In case you want to eat outside there are many restaurants, some of them are more expensive some less. However, most restaurants offer 2 or 3 courses of a set menu around 10.00€ including drink.

7. Beaches Beaches here in Valencia are situated around 30 minutes from city centre by car or bus. They are really long, clean and big with a beautiful golden colour of sand. Along the sandy beach there is a beautiful board-walk with many bars and restaurants.

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