There are not many cities on earth more alive than Madrid. The capital and largest city in Spain has a population of around 3.3 million people which makes Madrid the third largest city in the European Union. Madrid is located in the centre of Spain. Many companies in Spain call Madrid their home and that’s why the city offers many wonderful internship opportunities for young people.

Life in Madrid

Madrid is known for its diverse population and home to many international students, expats and other immigrants. A famous saying is: if you live in Madrid, you are from Madrid. The city is packed with beautiful historical buildings, theatres, bars, parks, etc. The list of things to do in Madrid is endless. A good place for students to live in Madrid is around the area of the ‘Ciudad Universitaria’. This is where the majority of Madrid’s students live.

Nightlife in Madrid

Which student doesn’t like to party? In Madrid, there are literally hundreds of bars and clubs to visit during the night. Hit the streets at night and the huge amount of people with the intent to dance the whole night will stand out immediately. Famous areas are the Malasaña and Lavapies districts as they both offer a great atmosphere. Not really into clubbing? No worries! There are plenty of cozy bars as well. Prices are still affordable, especially in local bars and pubs. Getting a few pre-drinks before they go out is quite common for the Spanish youth.

Cost of living

Although Madrid is a bit more expensive then the rest of Spain, the cost of living is still cheaper then in London or Paris. For example ordering a beer in a restaurant will cost you 3 EU. Don’t forget that if you live in Europe in most cases you can get an Erasmus+ scholarship to cope with your expensives.

Public transport

The public transport in Madrid is well regulated and quite affordable. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions which makes it less expensive. If you are travelling unfrequently, you can buy a 10 trips-ticket ‘Bonometro’ for 12,90 euros. Nevertheless, a taxi is cheap compared to other West-European countries. Your taxi driver will bring you a few kilometres across the city for just 6 to 10 euros.

Enjoyable weather

The weather in Madrid is something you definitely should not worry about. The summers in Madrid are hot. Temperatures may vary from 27°C to even 40°C at daytime, but at night the temperature goes down a bit at thanks to the wind blowing from La Sierra. July and August are the driest months of the year. Occasionally, summer storms and thunderstorms can occur.

Winters in Madrid can be cold, especially compared with the Mediterranean coasts. Temperatures below 10°C can be reached especially at night. Sometimes it even snows. The coldest month is January, followed by February and December. Even though May is the rainiest month in Madrid, it rains frequently from November to February.


Last but not least, the culinary kitchen of Madrid. It is one of the richest culinary capitals of Europe. Eating tapas is very common. Furthermore, restaurants serve lots of meat and honey-sweetened vegetables and you’ll find seafood on almost every menu. If you are looking for some breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the door, there are many places to go to, both cheap and expensive. A very popular place to have dinner is ‘Plaza Mayor’.