The main reasons why you should are…

1. You can communicate with about 400 million people worldwide. Actually, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world and it is an official language in 22 countries. Therefore, the Castilian can be useful in countries where it is the official language but also to speak with other residents in your own city.

2. To know the Castilian you can make your trips more interesting and fun. If you travel to any Spanish-speaking country, learning Spanish will open doors for the local culture, you can interact with local citizens and you will have a more authentic experience.

3. Improve your Curriculum Vitae 

Knowing a language that is such important as the Spanish can open doors to new jobs. In the global world in which we live, it is very important to be able to communicate in different languages and to increase your capacity as an employee.

4. Prepare yourself to study in another country

Why studying Castilian

There are many universities, schools and education centers which are offering a variety of courses for studying abroad and exchanges. In many cases, these centers have a requirement to participate that you have to study an academic semester abroad. Even if the program does not require a prior knowledge of Spanish, it will be an added advantage if you know the language before you will arrive in the country; It will be easier to make friends, shopping, going to restaurants and many other things that will make your stay in the country much more fun and valuable.

5. Improved knowledge of your own language

Many European languages are using words which are coming from the Latin language. The Spanish is a language that comes from the Latin, so you know it can help you expand your vocabulary in your native language and increase the perception of linguistic and grammatical rules of your own language.

6. Easily learn another language

Learning a new language requires practice, hard work and dedication and develops numerous mental and social abilities. Therefore, learning Spanish will make it easier to you to learn a third foreign language.

7. Enjoy Spanish culture

If you know the Spanish language, you can enjoy our movies, series, TV-shows, books, acting in theaters…Without having to read subtitles or using a dictionary, and you can also to listen to Spanish and Latin American music and understand the lyrics of well-known singers as Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias or Jennifer López.

8. Meet new people and make friends for life

Speaking Spanish is an excellent opportunity to meet new people with which you can build friendships that last a lifetime.

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