Why you should come to Valencia

An internship abroad is personally rewarding and it will be beneficial to your career. If you are looking for an internship abroad, you should definitely come to Valencia. It is an exciting place for students and an excellent choice for an internship abroad. The city is home to many international students. In fact, it is the most popular destination in Europe among ERASMUS students. Valencia is a modern city which nevertheless keeps its historical touch. From the Science Museum, Plaza del Mercado to the historical Torres de Serranos, Plaza de la Virgen, Barrio del Carmen and many more. Valencia has a rich history and there is plenty to discover! But what are the specific reasons that make our country and particularly Valencia so attractive?

The weather

Everyone loves that Spain has long days, mild temperatures in winter and warm in summer and a lot of sunny days. In Valencia, there is a coastal Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of 12º in the winter and 25º in the summer. Above all, Valencia has one of the best climates all over Spain. The sun shines more than 300 days a year and the city borders the sea and you can swim in the sea at least 8 months a year!

The food

Valencia – the birthplace of Paella – is home to around 4000 restaurants. You can go both cheap or expensive. The city is completely filled with bars and restaurants and prices are very reasonable. You can imagine yourself in front of the sea, eating our typical paella with friends while enjoying a glass of sangria. Sounds good right? Well that’s something you are going to do here. But we don’t only eat rice. We also have olletas, nougat, horchata, fartons and many more dishes that are delicious. It is often said that you can eat well in Spain. Downside to that is that you can’t come here withouth gaining a few pounds.. In addition, EramuSapin offers a paella cooking course. So you not only can say how good it is, but also make it yourself and surprise everyone at home.

The parties

Don’t forget that Valencia is the perfect place if you like to party! Valencia is known for its vibrant nightlife. There are countless small bars where you can dance and talk at the same time or pubs where you just can sit down and relax. As for the big and shiny nightclubs you are in the right city as well. ErasmuSpain offers dance classes which you will definitely enjoy. And if you come in March, you will be right in time for the major party, Las Fallas, which is having international fame. Besides being able to enjoy the party down on the streets, you will see one of the most authentic faces of Valencia. It is the city’s most characteristic tradition, that welcomes more and more visitors every year.

History of Valencia

Valencia has a long and interesting history. It was founded in 138 B.C. by the Romans and throughout history, Visigoths, Muslims and Catholics have inhabited the city. Valencia is the third largest city in economic and demographic importance of Spain, and because of all these events, we have many places to visit that remind us of the different eras. You can also travel to other attractive places in the country such as Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza, and other countries such as Morocco.

Cost of living

The city is perfect for students on a budget. A dinner meal in an average restaurant is around 9 EUR. If you like going out, expect to pay 5 EUR for a beer in a bar or club. Compared to other European countries and even the rest of Spain, the cost of living in Valencia is relatively quite cheap. And if that´s not enough, as an citizen of Europe, you can get an Erasmus+ scholarschip to cope with all your expenses.

One thing for sure, if you come to Spain you will defenitely not be bored. There are so many places to visit, so much food to try and many parties to go to, the Spanish country and especially Valencia is the perfect destination for an Erasmus student.